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It was in the beginning of the nineties that we begun to hear about digital print.

More exactly in 1993, when the International Ipex Exhibition, in England. On that occasion, digital print systems were presented for the first time; but, it was only in the Drupa, 2000 Edition, when this Exhibition celebrated the 50th anniversary, that digital print had his boom.

The digitalization of pre-press had created unique possibilities for the production into the network, integrating all the phases of graphic chain.

The workflow automation was developed, since the pre-press until the completion.

To install digital technology it’s necessary more than investment in technology, it’s indispensable to change and develop new ideas of partnership with Suppliers and Customers.

The digital print complemented and increment all possibilities of offset. Know how to use it is the graphic industry challenge.

Confirm each image resolution – digital print must have minimum 100 dpi.
Sources and Images saved in different folders.
If you work with closed archives, you must send open version, in this way you can make modification on last minute.
Send always a printed proof.


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